Student Activity Division is responsible for club management, freshman orientation, service learning, volunteer service, global activity (held for student) and sustainability campus. We dedicate to assisting student clubs to deal with administrative affairs, and devotes to establishing high quality extracurricular environment for students.

Core Values: H-A-P-P-Y

(1)    Honor
(2)    Accountability
(3)    Passion
(4)    Pleasure
(5)    Youth


(1)    Encourage students to attend public affairs and enhance student ability to deal with public affairs.
(2)    Establish a high quality extracurricular environment to strengthen student’s soft skills.
(3)    Foster the character in moral and performance.
(4)    Develop the student’s global perspective.
(5)    Establish an eco-friendly campus and promote environmental protection value to our student.


Our Service

Club Management
There are over 400 clubs at NTU. It can be categorized into 8 different categories according to their features, inclusive of autonomous, academic, entertainment, service, arts, social, mixed, and physical fitness. We endeavors to assist student clubs to deal with administrative affairs.
Contact number: (02)3366-2063

First-Year Orientation
The orientation includes campus tour, opening ceremony, club exposition and freshmen concert, guiding freshmen to be familiar with campus rapidly and opening new life pages in NTU.
Contact number: (02)3366-2063#18

Service Learning Course
There are various volunteer clubs in NTU. Volunteer club representatives will hand in service plans inclusive of curriculum design, social institutions contact and accommodation arrangement. We instruct them to complete the activities and foster their problem-solving skills. 
Contact number: (02)3366-2063#16

Volunteer Service
To make students realize the importance of the underprivileged caring, we assist volunteer clubs to handle many administration affairs such as subsidy application, facilities rental, reimbursements and so on.
Contact number: (02)3366-2063#19

Global Interaction
To develop the student’s global perspective, there are many global activities taken place in campus. We not only assist students to take part in global activities, but holding international activities such as international cultural interaction, Global Initiatives Symposium in Taiwan and so forth.
Contact number: (02)3366-2063#17

Sustainable Campus
We hold environmental protection activities to establish an eco-friendly campus, promoting environmental protection value to our students.
Contact number: (02)3366-2063#11

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